Antilles Version History

Antilles .. (5047)

Released Thursday, July 11, 2024

  • Updated rich text editor and other admin pages to be more accessible.
  • Updated redirect types to be permanent (301) instead of temporary for improved SEO for HTTP -> HTTPS redirects.
  • Fixed issue where hiding the title on a page wasn't working in some cases.

Antilles .. (5046)

Released Monday, June 24, 2024

  • Fixing issue where the resource picker wasn't using the new resource picker modal.

Antilles .. (5045)

Released Friday, June 21, 2024

  • Adding resources 2.0, which includes and is not limited to the following following updates;
  • Added new resource picker to be used for all modules.
  • Added new default resource listing to show images in grid format.
  • Added category dropdown option when adding new resource to a page.
  • Added global transparency to better illustrate publicly visible resources through restricted and non-restricted categories.
  • Updated all resource module UI elements to be more responsive.
  • Updated filenames of non-images now show along with the document icon
  • Updated resources to require a category to be selected before uploading a new file from a page.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5044)

Released Friday, June 7, 2024

  • Added new alert functionality when editing a page, alerting users when the page has Public Access Levels (permissions) set.
  • Added a new icon to the page listing to indicate if a page has Public Access Levels (permissions) configured.
  • Added display of the module name and build number in the footer for easy reference.
  • Added restricted category column to resource category listing in the admin.
  • Updated rich content resource picker with UI updates, and required category to be selected when uploading resource.
  • Updated sitemap functionality to exclude restricted pages and resources for enhanced security.
  • Updated resource category dropdowns to include information to show if the resource is restricted.
  • Fixed performance and usability issues on the page listing.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5043)

Released Thursday, May 16, 2024

  • Added support for optional audit log reporting.
  • Fixing issue where Rich Text Editor wouldn't load for some modules.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5042)

Released Monday, March 25, 2024

  • Added ability to hide pages in search on quick edit menu for pages.
  • Added global thumbnail generation to Resources module.
  • Updated default sitemap change frequency value to monthly.
  • Updated flyout sidebar to support longer module Titles.
  • Fixed issue with legacy plugins where plugin settings would not load.
  • Fixed issue where Antilles dashboard was not displaying properly on mobile screen sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where TinyMCE templates would be unintentionally removed during updates.
  • Fixed issue where unauthorized message wasn't showing for logged-in users in some cases.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5041)

Released Thursday, January 18, 2024

  • Fixed issue where newly provisioned sites would throw an application due to an initial setting of demo mode.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5040)

Released Thursday, January 11, 2024

  • Added support for inter-module development with Admin Plugins.
  • Added file size column for resources in admin.
  • Added delete button to user detail page in admin.
  • Updated commerce functions to include Braintree.
  • Updated support link to log active user into ticketing system.
  • Updated tables in admin to ensure all content is viewable on all screen sizes.
  • Fixed issue where templates menu item wasn't being included in provisioned sites.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5039)

Released Friday, December 29, 2023

  • Added Support for integrated modules within the Antilles admin, and functions

Antilles 1.20.9 (5038)

Released Thursday, November 9, 2023

  • Updated image picker to support modern image formats.
  • Fixed issue where resource thumbnails were not displaying properly.
  • Fixed issue where some content would load incorrectly in antilles content panes.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5037)

Released Tuesday, October 31, 2023

  • Fixed issue where users would show as locked out even if their lockout expiration date/time had passed.
  • Fixed issue where git information wasn't saving in the site admin.
  • Fixed issue where settings page title was incorrectly showing as 'Resources'.
  • Updated sitewide default schema field to support an unlimited number of characters.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5036)

Released Friday, October 13, 2023

  • Updated custom button icon in Article Editor.
  • Fixed issue where alerts wouldn't show for modals if they were using the blank admin template.
  • Fixed issue where the homepage preview wouldn't load data in some cases.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5035)

Released Thursday, September 14, 2023

  • Added prefill option for redirects module when set in the query string on the redirect edit page.
  • Added option in appsettings.config to force login on any page view, or any resource view.
  • Added check to prevent redirect loops.
  • Added robust logging capabilities for audit log within settings.
  • Added capability for default sitewide schema for SEO.
  • Updated admin pages to better support smaller screen resolutions, specifically for modals.
  • Updated article editor to 2.4.6.
  • Fixed issue where last run time for scheduled tasks wouldn't show correct time.
  • Fixed issues with resource picker not allowing replacement of existing images.
  • Fixed typos within JS resource picker.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5034)

Released Thursday, August 17, 2023

  • Added default sitewide schema field for including schema on all pages
  • Fixed last runtime for scheduled tasks not being accurate in some cases

Antilles 1.20.9 (5033)

Released Thursday, August 3, 2023

  • Fixed issue where upgrade scripts for taxonomy would not run in some cases.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5032)

Released Thursday, July 27, 2023

  • Fixed issue where pages weren't showing in sitemap.xml

Antilles 1.20.9 (5031)

Released Thursday, July 27, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where the sitemap was unable to load from the resources module
  • Fixed an issue where some modules were unable to load any data if they included a filter, news specifically

Antilles 1.20.9 (5030)

Released Monday, July 24, 2023

  • Added capability to override canonical URL for resources
  • Fixing issue with canonical resource URL. GUID wasn't populating in link

Antilles 1.20.9 (5029)

Released Monday, July 24, 2023

  • Fixed issue where PDF files couldn't upload in some cases because of PDF library reading page count

Antilles 1.20.9 (5028)

Released Thursday, July 20, 2023

  • Added canonical header for resources
  • Added ability to hide resources from search results

Antilles 1.20.9 (5027)

Released Friday, July 14, 2023

  • Fixed issue with SQL update script for Google Analytics Tag ID in site settings

Antilles 1.20.9 (5026)

Released Wednesday, July 12, 2023

  • Updated footer layout for placement of copyright and save bar.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5025)

Released Thursday, July 6, 2023

  • Added ability to assign category when uploading Resource via Article upload tool
  • Added Open Graph file upload to SEO tab of Pages
  • Added friendly errors when plugins fail to load
  • Added GA4 support
  • Added support for partial theme master pages
  • Updated logic of Open Graph Preview
  • Updated layout on Resource management page
  • Updated page preview to work even if there is a redirect in place
  • Fixed issue with save bar not visible on certain screen sizes

Antilles 1.20.9 (5024)

Released Monday, June 12, 2023

  • Added option to sort resources by date in resource name
  • Added 503 response code on update mode page
  • Updated Change Log layout
  • Updated navigation menu to accommodate a larger number of sub-nav items
  • Updated Taxonomy item association to support UUIDs
  • Fixed issue with locked user noticed showing when there were no locked users
  • Fixed case where placeholders with null metadata would cause search issues

Antilles 1.20.9 (5023)

Released Thursday, March 16, 2023

  • Fixed issue where some sites would crash when DLL wasn't available in core package.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5022)

Released Thursday, March 16, 2023

  • Added listing of users by role on the role detail page.
  • Updated security measures for users to improve the lockout and login experience.
  • Updated notification center badge to improve layout compatibility.
  • Updated role page layout to better show module permissions.
  • Fixed the issue where the cursor focus would move while entering new page titles.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5021)

Released Thursday, January 19, 2023

  • Added additional fields to audit log for verbosity and severity.
  • Fixed issue where udf_Resource wasn't a function within the database for some modules.
  • Fixed issue with quick edit where it would list stub as already existing in all cases.
  • Updated default page template to be subpage.master if it's not set for a new page.
  • Updated new page to not set featured image.

Antilles 1.20.9 (5020)

Released Friday, January 6, 2023

  • Fixed issue where find and replace would remove page content from contentJson column

Antilles 1.20.9 (5019)

Released Thursday, December 22, 2022

  • Fixed null reference issue when permissions weren't set for a user logging in initially to the admin
  • Fixed admin menu shifting UI items during hover states
  • Fixed search results not pulling in pages that were children of placeholders
  • Fixed issue where breadcrumbs wouldn't generate in some cases

Antilles 1.20.9 (5018)

Released Wednesday, December 21, 2022

  • Added capability to hide resources within site search and sitemap
  • Updated navigation for usability, removed shifting menu items on hover
  • Updated module menu items to be restrictable by role
  • Updated authentication to better interpret customized login view settings

Antilles 1.20.9 (5016)

Released Thursday, December 1, 2022

  • Dramatically improved resource load times
  • Updated resource picker responsiveness
  • Updated Find and Replace functionality (removed Link Updater interface)
  • Updated notification preferences to include default notification frequency
  • Fixed issue where admin resources view would crash in some cases

Antilles 1.20.9 (5015)

Released Thursday, October 20, 2022

  • Added support for modern image formats: .avif, .avifs, and .webp

Antilles 1.20.9 (5014)

Released Thursday, September 22, 2022

  • Added page picker for cloning pages
  • Added option to preserve resource quality during upload
  • Updated SAML library to include custom attributes for SAML responses

Antilles 1.20.8 (5013)

Released Wednesday, June 29, 2022

  • Fixed issue where resources wouldn't show in some cases if settings weren't set in the admin

Antilles 1.20.8 (5012)

Released Thursday, June 23, 2022

  • Misc Bug Fixes

Antilles 1.20.8 (5011)

Released Thursday, June 16, 2022

  • Misc Bug Fixes

Antilles 1.20.8 (5010)

Released Wednesday, June 15, 2022

  • Misc Bug Fixes

Antilles 1.20.8 (5009)

Released Wednesday, June 15, 2022

  • Misc Bug Fixes

Antilles 1.20.8 (5008)

Released Tuesday, June 14, 2022

  • Added initial taxonomy table creation scripts
  • Fixed bug where some Taxonomy SQL scripts wouldn't install on specific sites

Antilles 1.20.8 (5007)

Released Thursday, June 9, 2022

  • Added Audit Log logging when API commands are received
  • Added ability to permanently delete deleted pages
  • Added ability to preview deleted pages
  • Added ability to restore deleted content
  • Added additional SAML integration support for SAML modules
  • Added additional authentication information for SAML authentication
  • Added additional security to Audit Log to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks
  • Added bulk delete option in for Resources
  • Added cache expiration to Resources based on file type
  • Added column to Page to indicate if the page is noindex and/or nofollow with direct link to these settings
  • Added dashboard notification for admins if there are any locked users
  • Added dashboard notification for admins if there are any users awaiting verification
  • Added date range filter to Audit Log
  • Added editing for existing redirects
  • Added email address column to Users
  • Added filter by status option to Users
  • Added grid view to Resources
  • Added more commonly used file extensions to Resource filter list
  • Added option menu to Resources in grid view
  • Added option to show password on login screen
  • Added options to specify page title, parent page and if child pages should be included when duplicating a page
  • Added performance enhancements when viewing Resources to optimize download speed
  • Added preview images for snippets
  • Added search for existing page or resource when establishing the destination for a redirect
  • Added search functionality to Redirects
  • Added sort and search filters to Roles
  • Added specification setting to redirects to indicate if they are permanent (301) or temporary (302)
  • Added support for .svg files in image picker
  • Added support for future implementation of Site Health module, including the logging of 404s and website search logging
  • Added support for scaffolded plugins
  • Added support for the Monsido Chrome extension
  • Added the Image Position plugin to Article
  • Added the Image Resize plugin to Article
  • Added thumbnail for .svg files in Resources
  • Added title attribute markup to search box button
  • Added user approval button to the Users listing page
  • Added various abbreviation tags to Settings to explain what the abbreviations are for
  • Added view links for robots.txt and humans.txt
  • Fixed issue on page preview with snippets not loading properly
  • Fixed issue where a page could be saved as a child of it's own child, causing a load error
  • Fixed issue where plugin could not be inserted under rare conditions
  • Fixed issue where save and cancel buttons occasionally weren't displaying properly
  • Fixed issue where sidebar navigation elements weren't visible when menu was collapsed
  • Fixed issue with Google Tag Manager ID not being properly inserted into noscript tag
  • Fixed issue with buttons in TinyMCE not being clickable if they contained an icon and the icon was clicked
  • Fixed issue with categories not showing on Resources Bulk Upload when a user had limited permissions
  • Fixed issue with permissions check on resources plugin
  • Fixed obscure issue where font size would be incorrect
  • Updated 404 behavior so that the visitor remains on the URL they attempted to visit
  • Updated Article to version 2.4.1
  • Updated Article toolbar to be 100% width
  • Updated Audit Log to support longer action messages
  • Updated Font Awesome integration to help load issues in some cases
  • Updated GDPR message to not be visible if GDPR alert is off
  • Updated Open Graph Preview and iMessage Preview to use first image from content if there is no featured image
  • Updated SEO tab layout for Pages
  • Updated add new page with enhanced UI
  • Updated class attribute for buttons in all snippets
  • Updated console logging to reduce quantity of console logs
  • Updated cookie security settings for enhanced SAML support
  • Updated database architecture for Taxonomy
  • Updated delete page to also send any child pages to the deleted pages instead of permanently deleting them
  • Updated layout and styling of Redirects
  • Updated login screen for larger screen and dark mode preference support
  • Updated modal snippet to include a modal link
  • Updated redirect interpretation to take precedence over any other content delivery
  • Updated security headers to omit server and configuration information for security purposes
  • Updated various UI elements and layout on Audit Log
  • Updated various UI elements and layout on Roles
  • Updated various UI elements and layout on Settings

Antilles 1.20.7 (2011)

Released Thursday, October 7, 2021

  • Added SAML authentication requirements for core communication
  • Article editor improvements and updates

Antilles 1.20.6 (2010)

Released Monday, August 2, 2021

  • Added friendly module name for Taxonomy.
  • Updated Resources stored in Azure.
  • Updated Resources Bulk Upload for better performance when uploading a large number of files.
  • Updated the SEO tool and content analysis capabilities.

Antilles 1.20.5 (2009)

Released Tuesday, June 15, 2021

  • Fixed bug in meta extras interpretation where detail pages wouldn't replace meta data appropriately

Antilles 1.20.4 (2008)

Released Friday, June 11, 2021

  • Pages - 404 error page updated to return 404 status code
  • Pages - Updated URL cleaning function to remove forward slashes
  • Search - Improvements to Antilles Search time
  • Resources - Updated sort by category to use descending order by default
  • Updated references to Antilles registered trademark to use appropriate trademarking
  • Binary files - added git2lib binary file for 64 bit systems

Antilles 1.20.3 (2007)

Released Tuesday, January 19, 2021

  • Fixed taxonomy referencing inappropriate path in pages module
  • Fixed resource picker PDF handling
  • Fixed resource picker handling default submit behavior
  • Fixed robots.txt return type to be plain text
  • Fixed resources primary listing not loading in some cases
  • Various Article Editor improvements

Antilles 1.20.2 (2006)

Released Monday, November 2, 2020

  • 2006 Core Updgrade

Antilles 1.20.1 (2004)

Released Thursday, September 17, 2020

  • Antilles Core Build 2004

Antilles 1.20.0 (2003)

Released Thursday, September 17, 2020

  • Antilles 1.20 2003

Antilles 1.19.6 (1911)

Released Friday, March 6, 2020

  • Added support for automatic updates
  • Updated Antilles scheduler to shut on application close to allow all scheduled processes to finish
  • Updated Antilles scheduler to ignore casing when checking namespaces
  • Updated Antilles search to omit restricted page results
  • Fixed yellow screen for some users when logging into mulitple sites
  • Fixed bug where PDF documents weren't downloadable on some Android devices
  • Fixed bug where restricted users could not edit placeholders
  • Fixed bug where deleted pages from default list in pages module weren't being archived

Antilles 1.19.5 (1910)

Released Thursday, November 14, 2019

  • Fixed SEO generation not completing due to null values and ordering
  • Fixed emails not sending with blank BCC fields
  • Fixed link and placeholder permission issues with templates

Antilles 1.19.4 (1909)

Released Thursday, October 17, 2019

  • Email and various null check updates

Antilles 1.19.3 (1908)

Released Thursday, September 26, 2019

  • Fixed issue where sitemap generation was duplicating the base URL

Antilles 1.19.2 (1907)

Released Monday, September 9, 2019

  • Fixed issue with SiteMap and mega menus after installing Antilles 1.19.

Antilles 1.19.1 (1906)

Released Monday, August 19, 2019

  • Installation process updates

Antilles 1.19.0 (1905)

Released Thursday, August 15, 2019

  • Added new Antilles Search including initial integration with Pages, Resources, List Builder, Form Builder, Events, Locations, and Store
  • Added sort by file extension to resource listing page
  • Updated Antilles search with hooks for other modules to return search results
  • Updated Antilles resources by category plugin to remove hierarchy from category names
  • Updated Users audit log to include paging and additional text search functionality
  • Fixed issue with limited users not being able to add plugins using the IAntillesPlugin interface
  • Fixed issue where limited users didn't have appropriate role restrictions in filter by category user control

Antilles 1.18.1 (1810)

Released Thursday, March 7, 2019

  • Added ability to save custom fields with user profile
  • Updated core open graph support with image height, width, and type
  • Updated pages for faster front-end load time
  • Updated roles page to have pagination
  • Updated Antilles search to show hidden pages that are visible in the sitemap
  • Updated Core Updater to support theme installations
  • Updated delete method hook when removing users
  • Updated Core to allow scheduled jobs to utilize formatted e-mails
  • Updated Page Stub filter to remove additional characters
  • Updated TinyMCE plugin to remove extraneous tags
  • Updated Resource picker styling
  • Updated Password reset e-mail when sent from an administrator
  • Fixed issue with editing pages utilizing Antilles modern themes
  • Fixed issue with resources view where items were not alphabetized
  • Fixed issue with OG tag generator in handling tags with no data
  • Fixed issue with permissions checking in the main navigation control
  • Fixed issue with edit button not working in Antilles Bar for some pages
  • Fixed issue with site config caching in pages

Antilles 1.18.0 (1805)

Released Tuesday, January 15, 2019

  • Added support for Antilles Titan themes
  • Added native toasts for Antilles admin
  • Updated Antilles bar to support plugins from other modules
  • Updated Schedule tasks with a notification before running manually
  • Updated Page title control with additional parameters
  • Updated module uninstall process to push removals if Antilles is configured to use git
  • Fixed formatting in OG tag generator
  • Fixed sitemap to include pages that were not excluded but were nested under a excluded page
  • Fixed issue preventing the Antilles Update log from loading
  • Fixed issue where resource picker would become hidden by other elements (news module)
  • Fixed issue where link pages could be saved as parents of themselves
  • Fixed issue where the TinyMCE link list was empty for administrators with no other roles
  • Fixed issue when users attempting to access a content page without permission received an error instead of a restricted message
  • Fixed issue where links or placeholders would return a blank content page when their url stubs were used

Antilles 1.17.3 (1733)

Released Friday, November 2, 2018

  • Added keyword search to Resource Categories
  • Added additional search options to Users
  • Updated Pages to increase performance when working with large numbers of pages and / or users
  • Updated Resources to support restricted user roles by category
  • Updated Image picker to allow filtering by Resource category and keyword
  • Updated login screen to show a notification when running a beta version of Antilles
  • Updated Users styling to adhere to style guidelines
  • Updated Pages to disable the legacy plugin selector by default unless explicitly selected in settings
  • Fixed issue in Pages with preview link on versions page
  • Fixed issue where home folder was not showing properly for users in restricted roles.
  • Fixed issue with page titles control where after upgrading to Antilles 1.17.2 visibility settings specified in the template were being ignored
  • Fixed styling issue with alerts

Antilles 1.17.2 (1721)

Released Monday, October 1, 2018

  • Added Antilles Bar for easier access to editing pags
  • Updated dashboard for faster load times
  • Fixed issue in Pages where sub-navigation was statically set to the second level
  • Fixed issue in Pages where administrators could not access sitemap settings in Pages after updating to 1.17.1
  • Fixed issue with occasional end of file expected errors during page load by reverting secure cookie update
  • Fixed issue where PNG upload transparency was removed after uploading
  • Fixed issue where File Upload option tab was not showing in Resource picker

Antilles 1.17.1 (1713)

Released Friday, September 21, 2018

  • Added file upload to Resource Picker
  • Added ID Meta Tag to Meta Extras view for Direct Editing in SiteImprove and other platforms
  • Updated Pages to dynamically generate meta titles and descriptions from page data if not specified
  • Updated Save Bar to always be visible
  • Updated Pages to restrict users to a folder hierarchy based on their assigned roles
  • Updated Pages duplicate page stub handling to retry with multiple techniques before requiring user input
  • Updated Pages to only allow sitemap management from administrative roles
  • Updated Pages to restrict access to plugins based on role
  • Updated Settings with the option to disable access to legacy plugin controls
  • Updated default cookie security when using SSL
  • Fixed issue where the previous Antilles alert would remain on the page after a second postback
  • Fixed manual account unlock issue

Antilles 1.17.0 (1708)

Released Wednesday, June 27, 2018

  • Added ability for Antilles® Admin users to unlock user accounts
  • Added ability to stop user impersonation
  • Added additional logging regarding when users enter or exit impersonation mode
  • Added additional options in the Quick Edit menu in Pages
  • Added alert when in user impersonation mode
  • Added Antilles® Access Level to core modules
  • Added Antilles® SiteLock feature to lock a site with a PIN
  • Added audit log timeline to My Profile page
  • Added delete page functionality when editng a page in Pages
  • Added CSS and JS versioning in site admin by current datetime
  • Added info to My Profile page regarding updating profile photo
  • Added module hooks for deleting a user
  • Added OG Tag class interface
  • Added optional alerts to the Antilles® Authenticate page
  • Added Public Access Level to Resource Categories, allowing for protected resources
  • Added Save & Return buttons for Placeholder, Links, and Products in Pages
  • Added save keyboard shortcut in Pages
  • Added SessionUtility class to LRSWSTools
  • Added status badges to Pages when Workflow is enabled
  • Added templating class to Antilles® with Scriban
  • Added theme specific TinyMCE templates and link styles
  • Added tooltip for Additional Meta Data in Pages
  • Added View Page button when editing a page
  • Added Dynamic Dependency Loading and Assembly Resolution support for Antilles modules
  • Fixed issue where images were not showing in TinyMCE that were in Azure blog storage
  • Fixed issue where long update log file could cause Updates module to load slowly
  • Fixed resource deletion issue for sites that had mix of Azure and local resources
  • Fixed unclosed placeholder tag in pages-googletagmanager view
  • Fixed various typos
  • Updated Antilles® dashboard styling
  • Updated Antilles® menu styling
  • Updated Antilles® user options menu styling
  • Updated Impersonation Mode to store data in Identity instead of Session
  • Updated My Profile layout to adhere to the Antilles® style guidelines
  • Updated Pages so that sorting is disabled when running search filters
  • Updated Pages to handle ampersands, exclamation points, and trailing hyphens in the page stub
  • Updated Password Reset and Forgot Password to issue temporary password, which must be changed upon next login
  • Updated plugin tokenization to allow unlimited plugins on a page
  • Updated Resource Categories to tabbed layout
  • Updated SaveContent code into consolidated function
  • Updated TinyMCE for integration with plugins
  • Updated TinyMCE LRS Image plugin to show most recent images on top
  • Updated Users to prevent impersonating user while already in impersonation mode
  • Updated Users to use scrolling listbox for Additional Roles on Edit User page
  • Updated user functions to enhance performance and consolidate code
  • Updated user logout to clear session variables

Antilles 1.16.1 (1610)

Released Tuesday, March 13, 2018

  • Added File and SQL Patching support to API
  • Added Git integration to API
  • Added postback to individual tabs in antilles admin
  • Updated Bing search API to pull in as UTF-8 instead of unicode based on the html/aspx interpretation
  • Fixed issue where search results page wasn't appending values when enter button was pressed
  • Fixed issue where images were not showing in TinyMCE

Antilles 1.16.0 (1606)

Released Wednesday, January 31, 2018

  • Added Azure Integration with Resources
  • Added Quick Edit to All Pages
  • Added Antilles SDK module
  • Added Bulk Page Creator to Antilles SDK
  • Added SMTP email verification to dashboard
  • Added support for Antilles Font Pack
  • Added Antilles Font Pack cheatsheet to Antilles SDK
  • Added Font Awesome to TinyMCE
  • Added templates to TinyMCE
  • Added responsive video plugin to TinyMCE
  • Added impersonation option in Users
  • Added Antilles Resource Picker for documents and images
  • Added git integration for updates
  • Updated and enhanced Antilles integration with Control Center
  • Updated Antilles theme with layout changes, new colors, and fonts
  • Updated Resources to support nested categories
  • Updated location of Module Packages to Antilles SDK
  • Updated alerts to be sticky
  • Updated search results markup and added inline search on results page
  • Updated open graph image preview in Pages
  • Updated client side logout to allow a url redirect
  • Fixed issue with plugins when duplicating a page
  • Fixed issue with meta data not displaying on home page

Antilles 1.15.3 (1530)

Released Thursday, November 16, 2017

  • Updated settings layout for SEO tab
  • Fixed issue with core updates

Antilles 1.15.2 (1520)

Released Thursday, November 9, 2017

  • Fixed Pages issue where an error occurred after upgrading to 1.15.1 where links existed without page stubs

Antilles 1.15.1 (1510)

Released Wednesday, November 1, 2017

  • Added keyword analysis tools to Pages editor
  • Added stylized email templates
  • Added integrations tab to Settings
  • Added syntax highlighting to source view in Pages editor
  • Added table insertion tool in Pages editor
  • Added block outlining in Pages editor
  • Added right-click menu in Pages editor
  • Added tool to set the meta robots tag in Pages editor
  • Added keyword analysis score indicator to All Pages view
  • Added duplicate page button to All Pages view
  • Added override ability for Meta Title and Meta description
  • Added override ability for breadcrumb text
  • Added Open Graph preview to Pages editor
  • Added iMessage preview to Pages editor
  • Updated Pages editor with sitemap priority drop down selector
  • Updated Settings to tab layout
  • Updated My Profile layout
  • Updated Pages sub-page navigation to show pages on same level or child pages
  • Updated TinyMCE to 4.6.5
  • Updated All Pages view to hide workflow related info if workflow is off
  • Updated All Pages view to display page stub
  • Updated the Demo Warning bar to new look
  • Updated Sitemap defaults for new Pages
  • Fixed Bing search error when there were no results.
  • Fixed issue where TLS 1.2 was not enforced when checking for updates at startup

Antilles 1.15.0 (1508)

Released Friday, August 25, 2017

  • Added automatic downloading of updates
  • Added API support to allow custom module data to be included in the sitemap
  • Added support for Antilles datasources for templating of module data
  • Added ability to use featured content and image placeholders in Pages
  • Added built-in support for DataTables, enabling browser level sorting and paging of tables
  • Added built-in support for datepicker styling and functionality
  • Added quick link to front-end of website
  • Updated Pages with sitemap priority and exclude pages from sitemap
  • Update featured images to include alt tag from Resource description
  • Updated SMTP Mail functionality to allow for authenticated SMTP server calls
  • Updated featured images to include alt text from resource description
  • Updated ImageProcessor Library to 2.5.4
  • Fixed issue where sub-page menu navigation would not open in a new window
  • Fixed issue where uploading low resolution images were up-scaled to 1600px
  • Security Update to force TLS 1.2 on outgoing connections by default

Antilles 1.14.10 (1491)

Released Wednesday, April 26, 2017

  • Added Bing Web Search as new search provider
  • Added image thumbnails and icons to Resources
  • Added support for Antilles API and Diagnostics page
  • Added Scheduler using
  • Added auto-resizing to bulk resource uploads
  • Updated Install and Upgrade process for easier core updates
  • Fixed issue with null alert message when viewing pages with plugins
  • Fixed issue when entering maintenance mode after failed update causing an error

Antilles 1.14.9 (1490)

Released Monday, April 10, 2017

  • Added 2nd featured content area to Pages
  • Updated Resource handler to support image thumbnails
  • Updated SendEmail function to support CC address
  • Fixed issue where some plugins would not load depending on page placement

Antilles 1.14.8 (1480)

Released Friday, February 24, 2017

  • Added ability to hide page title in master page by adding pnlTitle to a div or panel
  • Added authenticated class to page body when logged in
  • Added forced password reset option to login process after x days
  • Added admin notes to user management page
  • Added BrainTree and Libraries to core
  • Added Antilles Commerce API for creating standardized payments with credit cards and eChecks
  • Updated Antilles side-bar to maintain its last expanded or collapsed state
  • Updated default body classes to be lowercase
  • Updated module installation process for reliability
  • Fixed bug where plugins placed in featured content areas would not display
  • Fixed bug with featured images not showing in the dropdown when editing a page
  • Fixed bug with sub-page navigation control where setting the page stub manually did not work

Antilles 1.14.7 (1470)

Released Thursday, October 27, 2016

  • Update process will generate a backup during core updates
  • Added automatic InstallationID generation during new setups

Antilles 1.14.6 (1460)

Released Tuesday, October 25, 2016

  • Added version check for running locally with outdated modules
  • Updated Antilles API to allow remote module installation from Control Center
  • Updated setup process to perform write permissions check before installing

Antilles 1.14.5 (1451)

Released Tuesday, October 18, 2016

  • Update to re-initialize plugins

Antilles 1.14.4 (1450)

Released Monday, October 17, 2016

  • Added Antilles Control Center API for remote management
  • Added Callback function for displaying alerts from dashboard widgets
  • Added support for multiple dismissible alerts
  • Updated form validation to highlight fields which fail
  • Updated default thumbnail generation to not preserve exif data
  • Updated the custom login page option to always use the Antilles login for /admin
  • Fixed bug where a page stub containing parenthesis would prevent plugins from loading
  • Fixed bug with plugins being disabled after an Antilles Update
  • Fixed bug with navigation control where hasChildren class was added to menu items that had no child pages
  • Fixed bug with Package Builder that prevented replacing an existing package with the same build number

Antilles 1.14.3 (1440)

Released Thursday, October 6, 2016

  • Added diagnostic reporting tool
  • Added automatic self-recovery process for database and route failures
  • Moved application settings into separate appsetings.config file
  • Fixed bug with error logging when remote IP address could not be determined

Antilles 1.14.2 (1434)

Released Friday, September 30, 2016

  • Added Google Maps API Key in Settings
  • Fixed issue with multiple plugins and javascript on single page sites
  • Database performance improvements for site configuration data

Antilles 1.14.1 (1430)

Released Monday, September 26, 2016

  • Fixed issue in Pages where the main navigation control could create too many database connections on large sites
  • Fixed issue where plugins could get inserted more than once if the theme utilized multiple pages as a single page
  • Fixed issue in Pages where using insert image from the menu opened the old image picker
  • Fixed issue in Settings where saving would reset the theme to Default

Antilles 1.14.0 (1427)

Released Thursday, September 1, 2016

  • Added workflow, versioning, and content approval to Pages
  • Added ability to create custom modules and packge them
  • Added ability to install, un-install, and upgrade modules individually
  • Added support for enhanced image processing and compression using ImageProcessor.Net
  • Added 2-Step Verification (TFA / 2FA) support for logging in with TOTP compatible authenticators (i.e. Google Authenticator)
  • Added account lockout after x login attempts, configurable in Settings
  • Added HTML Agility Pack for advanced HTML parsing in future modules
  • Updated to ASP.Net Framework 4.6.1
  • Updated List Builder with automatic list caching for faster load times
  • Update the Antilles default search engine to search full page content and meta data
  • Updated Pages to consolodate images between pages and the Resources module
  • Updated Pages to show image thumbnails when inserting images from the editor
  • Updated Resources with a new link format for sharing and quick copy URL links
  • Updated Form Builder to show if a digital e-mail certificate is installed and / or expired
  • Updated Form Builder to include snippet text in form submissions
  • Updated Form Builder admin pages to simplify switching between sections
  • Updated Settings to display the expiration date and a download / remove link for digital e-mail certificates
  • Updated default session length to 480 minutes (8 hours)
  • Updated Pages to improve reliability of loading plugins
  • Updated Antilles login screen styling
  • Updated Antilles default pagination styling
  • Updated Users to enhance search speed
  • Fixed issue with Pages where the mega-menu navigation control would not ouput ending ul tags for some levels
  • Fixed issue with Resources where some PDF files would open garbled on iOS devices
  • Fixed issue with Resources where certain files would not open on devices running Android 4.4 or older
  • Fixed issue with Form Builder that caused text wrapping in the submission e-mail for checkboxes
  • Fixed issue with removing an image in Pages if it was set as the featured content image
  • Fixed issue with the progress indicator timing out before long operations were completed
  • Fixed issue with Form Builder where encrypted form submission e-mails were not going to all recipients
  • Fixed issue where user would be logged out of the admin in some cases if the session data expired
  • Removed the contact form email field from Settings
  • Removed all modules from the default Antilles installer

Antilles 1.13.2 (1321)

Released Wednesday, March 23, 2016

  • Added a commercial loan calculator with amortization chart to Financial Calculators
  • Added breadcrumb usercontrol to Pages
  • Updated PhotoBot Theme to use list builder for rotating images
  • Updated new installation to enable / include Form Builder and List Builder
  • Removed Rotating Images module, replaced by List Builder
  • Fixed a Pages plugin issue where javascript is not always initialized when the plugin is invoked
  • Fixed issue where error logging would display an error if no error log was present

Antilles 1.13.1 (1319)

Released Tuesday, May 17, 2016

  • Added ability to put plugins inside featured content areas
  • Added mega menu control with user access restrictions and open in new window functionality
  • Added Randomize and MaxCount parameters to list builder lists when used in a template
  • Added Google Tag Manager support system wide
  • Updated Resource downloads to include Google Tag Manager tracking links
  • Updated Form Builder to include Google Tag Manager tracking code on form submissions
  • Updated Blog RSS to work with Google Feedburner
  • Updated Blog to hide future post dates
  • Updated Pages to refine the process of adding plugins to a page
  • Updated default behavior of Resource downloads to always be returned as attachments
  • Updated Rates to work as a Pages plugin
  • Updated Rates with a default un-subscribe link on signup e-mails
  • Updated the attribution list
  • Updated TinyMCE link lists to not show page / document types in the link name
  • Fixed bug with Form Builder preventing DOCX files from being downoaded in the submit log
  • Fixed bug that could cause an identity error during login on localhost when cached
  • Fixed bug with Blog when trying to access the main posts from a plugin on a top-level page
  • Fixed bug with saving and retrieving module settings using the antilles.core.modules API

Antilles 1.13.0 (1314)

Released Wednesday, April 27, 2016

  • Updated branding from LRS® Content Manager to Antilles™
  • Updated to ASP.Net Framework 4.6
  • Updated login process from Forms Authentication to ASP.Net Identity
  • Updated File System (Restructuring for MVC transition) with root level modules and views folders
  • Added plugin placeholders to content pages so plugins can be anywhere within the content
  • Added list variants to List Builder
  • Added dropdown list option when building List Builder lists
  • Added password generation for new accounts and reset functionality from users admin
  • Added Form Builder option to encrypt and store submissions with admin page to view and archive them
  • Added Radio Button Lists to Form Builder
  • Added Image Captions, Image Resizing, and Image Compression to Locations
  • Added Employment Opportunities module
  • Added paging to Blog listings
  • Updated Blog to use content page plugins
  • Updated Blog to allow changing the posted date
  • Updated Blog to to use a settings page to choose the list and post pages
  • Added categories list to blog post page
  • Added tag view and search by tag to blog post list and post page
  • Added front-end featured content view to Pages
  • Updated Pages to list other internal pages, resource documents when adding TinyMCE links
  • Updated Pages to allow content pages to open in a new window
  • Added Kitchen Sink and Style Guide Pages to new installations
  • Added support for up to 9 nested levels of sub-pages
  • Added option to hide page title in Pages module
  • Updated rates to use data tooltips for displaying popup disclaimers
  • Added TinyMCE to News module
  • Updated News to use a settings page to choose which content page will be used for news details
  • Updated News to use SEO friendly URLs
  • Added a payment type field to the mortgage calculator
  • Updated module manager to display core modules on top
  • Added support for a custom login page in the theme views folder
  • Updated random password generation function
  • Added encSalt app setting string to web.config
  • Added dynamic copyright year to footer
  • Updated Loading overlay in administrative pages
  • Added detailed error information to plugin failed message
  • Updated User management styling
  • Added special stubs, 404 and Error, to denote which pages to use for the default not found and error pages
  • Added search stub as default page for search results
  • Fixed bug with rates sidebar where the Term was not always displayed
  • Fixed bug where custom usercontrols would not load if not added as the first plugin on a content page
  • Fixed bug where Forms added via the Pages Plugin would not display a captcha or header / footer information
  • Fixed bug with Events, News, ListBuilder, and Forms where paging would fail when there were more than 100 items
  • Fixed bug with Form Builder where text-areas set as required fields could be submitted with no data
  • Fixed bug with Events plugin not allowing all categories to be set as the default view
  • Fixed bug where recently deleted images remained in the featured images dropdown on a page until the page was refreshed
  • Fixed bug where default values set for financial calculators were not being used

Antilles 1.12.2 (1217)

Released Wednesday, February 17, 2016

  • Fixed issue where images were not being cached by browser across all modules
  • Forms now adhere to the active checkbox by completely removing the form instead of just the link
  • Added link and image list caching prevention to blog
  • Fixed issue where front-end users could not log-in after a different user logged out in the same session
  • Added setup.config to prevent web.config error during setup process if no configutation files exists
  • Added open in new window option to links in the Pages modules
  • Added featured image to Blog

Antilles 1.12.1 (1210)

Released Tuesday, December 29, 2015

  • Fixed bug in Blog where maximum of 15 posts would be displayed on default blog page

Antilles 1.12.0 (1200)

Released Tuesday, December 15, 2015

  • Added setup wizard for new installations
  • Added List Builder module
  • Added role based permissions to Pages
  • Fixed bug with adding multiple e-mail addresses in Form Builder
  • Added file uploads to Form Builder
  • Added Pages plugin to Form Builder
  • Added rich text to header, footer, and submission message in Form Builder
  • Added automatic form-stub creation in Form Builder
  • Added ability to hide section titles in Form Builder
  • Fixed bug with double slashes in uncategorized Blog URLs
  • Updated Dashboard and Admin Menu so modules with no menu items no longer display
  • Fixed bug with Blog where original posted date was updated if post was edited
  • Fixed bug with Blog where posted date was showing the current date in the posts view
  • Added a default title of "Quick Links" to the sub-nav usercontrol for pages with no parent
  • Fixed bug where a non-admin user could get in a redirect loop when trying to access /admin
  • Added users-signinout-link view
  • Added un-branded login page
  • Added my profile page to front-end
  • Updated pages-mainnavigation and pages-subnavigation views to show pages based on permissions
  • Fixed IE bug where additional right column would display on the dashboard
  • Updated Settings to prevent disabling core modules
  • Added Antilles Config for storing versioning information
  • Updated ChangeLog to show build number for new releases

Antilles 1.11.0 (1100)

Released Monday, November 2, 2015

  • Overhaul of file system, lowercase file names, and code cleanup
  • List Builder (In Process)
  • Updated Blog with Multi-Site
  • Updated PhotoBot Theme with Locations, Forms, Blog, Gallery, Alerts, and Events styling
  • Renamed CMS to Pages
  • Updated AdminLTE Assets to v 2.3.0
  • Fixed bug with getMaxSort function in Locations if sort values were null after upgrading
  • Updated Web Solutions branding
  • Rewrite of admin navigation and module permissions
  • Added Module Manager
  • Removed app_resources
  • Updated admin and authenticate references to hosted JQuery library
  • Shortened main sidebar transition from 0.3s to 0
  • Revised Login page
  • Increased User Roles Field Length
  • Updated SiteMap Content to work with placeholders
  • Updated locations to trim city and state fields
  • Fixed error handler logging bug if database has no data
  • Added maxAllowedContentLength to match maxRequestLength setting in web.config
  • Fixed Bug with email certificate warning not showing if form was marked secure but no certificate was uploaded
  • Added SendEmailAttachment function to base email functions
  • Fixed bug where Alerts would show on site if module is disabled and an active alert was present
  • Fixed bug with Pages search results returning an error when null metadata was in the result set
  • Fixed bug with error logging where certain conditions would cause a fatal error retrieving the IP address on localhost
  • Removed Custom Routes from Development Module, replaced with Module Manager
  • Migrated all module routes to the database
  • Added Build Number to Login and Admin Footer
  • Added TinyMCE to Event Description in Admin
  • Updated News with validation and warning if blurb exceeds 500 characters
  • Fixed bug with deleting resources if app_data (legacy folder) did not exist

Antilles 1.10.1 (1010)

Released Tuesday, September 1, 2015

  • Updated Rates styling to fix-width APR and APY columns
  • Fixed Bug in Locations where map would not change to location specified in the dropdown

Antilles 1.10.0 (1000)

Released Monday, August 31, 2015

  • Updated Blog with text-based teaser field
  • Updated Events module with recurring options for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (day or date), and annually
  • Updated Rates with additional fields and category settings for different rate types
  • Updated Rates Styling and front-end columns to be dynamic based on category settings
  • Updated Rates with per category disclaimer and customizable first column name
  • Updated Dashboard widgets for Rates, Events, Forms, and Development
  • Updated Dashboard widget colors
  • Updated login screen with version number
  • Updated Pages to add iFrame as a valid element in TinyMCE
  • Updated Locations to show Location Name and added a location dropdown selector
  • Updated Forms with option to enable Google reCAPTCHA for submission
  • Updated Settings with global reCAPTCHA settings and added links to reCAPTCHA and Google Custom Search sign-up pages
  • Fixed Rates bug where no rates would display if branch was missing
  • Fixed Users bug where Audit Log would report deletion failed when a user was deleted
  • Fixed Blog bug where URL spaces were not always converted to dashes

Antilles 1.9.1 (910)

Released Wednesday, August 12, 2015

  • Added Audit Log
  • Added Mega Menu UserControl
  • Added Staging.config and Production.config for streamlined deployment
  • Added Roles admin to create custom roles and module permissions
  • Added Site-Map App Page and default route
  • Updated default Roles
  • Updated Gallery default front-end styling
  • Updated CMS with Featured Content TinyMCE field
  • Removed legacy products code from CMS
  • Fixed bug in IE with Link and Image Lists in TInyMCE being cached if an existing resource was edited

Antilles 1.9.0 (900)

Released Wednesday, July 22, 2015

  • Added Site Search Module with LRS CMS or Google Search
  • Added Custom Routes to Settings
  • Added 301 Redirects to Settings
  • Updated Locations with new admin interface, rich text editor, location and category sorting, and dashboard widget
  • Updated Settings with universal key / value pair system for modules
  • Updated Settings with Search Engine section
  • Updated Blog styling to add class to body of blog pages
  • Updated Blog - Additional validation added and comments send a pending approval notification to the admin
  • Updated Blog - Added posts and comments / pending count to dashboard widget
  • Updated Pages, Locations, Rates, and Blog default editor behavior to generate paragraph tags instead of line breaks
  • Fixed CMS bug introduced in 1.8.3 with CMS pages removing href tags
  • Fixed CMS bug preventing GIF images from being uploaded
  • Fixed Photo Gallery broken link with adding a new gallery
  • Fixed Photo Gallery bug with deleting a gallery
  • Fixed Photo Gallery bug with deleting an album
  • Fixed case sensitive requirement when checking for module permissions
  • Fixed Resource download exception caused when an invalid download link is used

Antilles 1.8.3 (830)

Released Thursday, July 2, 2015

  • Added script src tags to extended_valid_elements in Content Manager
  • Updated SubNav UserControl to work with custom pages based on the URL
  • Added "Rates User" role for specific access to only rates
  • Updated Dashboard to show quick add only to users in the Content Approver, Content Publisher or Admin role(s)
  • Updated Default Events Styling on Front-End
  • Fixed bug with CMS sub-menu navigation control using the stub instead of the link for links
  • Fixed bug with CMS plugins not clearing existing settings when set to none
  • Fixed bug with missing cpContent section in Default Theme
  • Added support for Custom UserControl Plugins in CMS
  • Fixed bug with Form Builder that caused some fields to not be displayed in the email

Antilles 1.8.2 (820)

Released Monday, June 29, 2015

  • Fixed layout issue with rates admin
  • Added rates disclaimer popup on a per-rate basis
  • Added support for dynamic custom routes in global.asax
  • Fixed issue with insecure link to Gravatar in the admin causing SSL validation to fail
  • Fixed issue with insecure link to in the admin causing SSL validation to fail
  • Updated forms to use the digital e-mail certificate uploaded in site settings and provide a warning if not uploaded

Antilles 1.8.1 (810)

Released Thursday, June 18, 2015

  • Fixed layout issue with rates admin
  • Added rates disclaimer popup on a per-rate basis
  • Added support for dynamic custom routes in global.asax
  • Fixed issue with insecure link to Gravatar in the admin causing SSL validation to fail
  • Fixed issue with insecure link to in the admin causing SSL validation to fail
  • Updated forms to use the digital e-mail certificate uploaded in site settings and provide a warning if not uploaded

Antilles 1.8.0 (800)

Released Monday, June 15, 2015

  • Added LRS Blog to installable modules
  • Added Financial Calculators to installable modules
  • Added Locations to installable modules
  • Added LRS Form Builder to installable modules
  • Added LRS Events to installable modules
  • Added featured image to CMS pages
  • Updated CMS Image Manager to auto-generate a thumbnail for each image
  • Updated CMS with speed improvements when loading CMS pages where many images and / or large sized images have been uploaded to the image manager
  • Updated CMS with additional HTML element support
  • Native Resizing and Image compression enhancements for less memory usage
  • Added Bulk Image optimization tool to SDK
  • Updated Rotating Images UserControl to not show caption, link and title data when blank in the admin
  • Updated Global Settings with Max Thumbnail Width for use with CMS Images
  • Updated Global Settings theme selector dropdown box
  • Updated Global Settings to specify menu levels
  • Updated base to detect theme changes on the front-end without clearing session
  • Updated default module sorting to keep Users and Settings at bottom
  • Removed all references to "Action" Alerts
  • Fixed unnecessary classes in Rates disclaimer content

Antilles 1.7.0 (700)

Released Thursday, May 28, 2015

  • Changed to semantic versioning - major.minor.patch
  • Updated Google and Bing verification fields to 150 characters
  • Added Module Manager
  • Added CMS plugin capabilities
  • Added Alerts, Contact Form, Gallery, News, Rates, and Rotating Images to installable modules
  • Added image resizing and compression to CMS Images
  • Added image resizing and compression to Rotating Images
  • Added Gallery and Gallery-Album CMS plugin
  • Added Contact Form CMS plugin
  • Added Featured News CMS Plugin
  • Updated Rotating Images styling
  • Updated Gallery styling
  • Added bulk uploading to Gallery
  • Added new caption and sorting tabs to Gallery
  • Updated News styling
  • Updated News to use database storage for images and attachments
  • Updated Users to restrict access to assiging Developer role
  • Removed SDK from Module Manager

Antilles 1.6.3 (630)

Released Tuesday, April 28, 2015

  • Updated to .Net Framework 4.5.1
  • Updated to Entity Framework 6.1.3
  • Added Bulk Upload in Resources utilizing dropzone.js
  • Added universal notification usercontrol for admin
  • Fixed SubNav usercontrol bug
  • Removed header / footer scripts
  • Revised Layout of Site Settings / UX enhancements
  • Removed AjaxToolkit
  • Removed legacy plugin code from Content Manager
  • Added SDK Developer role and SDK Module to base CMS
  • Added SDK Code Generator Beta for Admin Forms
  • Added SDK Plugin Manager Placeholder
  • Updated Attributions List
  • Added New Dynamic XML Sitemap
  • Removed Sitemap.xml and Mobile-Sitemap.xml from settings
  • Fixed logo alignment in header

Antilles 1.6.2 (620)

Released Thursday, April 2, 2015

  • Added Quick Add functionality to Dashboard for Pages, Links and Placeholders
  • Updated CMS Dashboard styling with multiple colors and added site preview link
  • Updated CMS Styling with side-bar, auto-generation of menu title and changed the default behavior for pages to stay on the edit page after an update
  • Updated PhotoBot Theme CSS and JS paths
  • Updated Profile Page styling
  • Added Help & Support Page
  • Added Attribution section to ChangeLog / About page
  • Updated CMS Image Manager styling
  • Fixed CMS Image Manager bug to keep user inside Image Manager after adding or removing images
  • Fixed CMS delete bug where nested pages were not being removed
  • Updated styling on Resources module
  • Added profile link to dashboard
  • Updated location of profile page to detach it from Users module
  • Updated to TinyMCE 4.1.9

Antilles 1.6.1 (610)

Released Thursday, March 12, 2015

  • Updated UI to use <a href="" target="_blank">Almasaeed Studio's</a> <a href="#">AdminLTE theme</a>
  • Added Site Name above main menu

Antilles 1.6.0 (600)

Released Friday, February 27, 2015

  • Moved admin navigation to database
  • Added role based permissions to admin modules
  • Updated default text box focus when creating a new page, link, or placeholder
  • Added UserFunctions.checkAccess function for adding granular security to modules
  • Updated base modules with security
  • Added default roles of Admin, Content Publisher, Content Approver, Employee and Member
  • Added Dashboard
  • Added Official ChangeLog to project for version tracking
  • Removed legacy menu.dat files
  • Site Chooser will only appear if there is more than one site and the domain could not be matched
  • Significant speed improvements when loading content pages in the admin
  • Fixed Breadcrumb broken links on CMS Edit page
  • Added auto-focus to username field of login page
  • Updated auto-focus on new content pages / Fixed tab order

Antilles 1.5.4 (540)

Released Friday, February 13, 2015

  • Added SubNavigation Control for use on content pages to show other pages at the same level
  • Added Snippet Mode to the Content.ASCX UserControl

Antilles 1.5.3 (530)

Released Friday, September 12, 2014

  • Added Gravatar Support
  • Misc Bug Fixes

Antilles 1.5.2 (520)

Released Tuesday, August 12, 2014

  • Updated Core Admin Theme
  • Misc Bug Fixes

Antilles 1.5.1 (510)

Released Tuesday, July 15, 2014

  • Added PhotoBot Theme
  • Misc Bug Fixes

Antilles 1.5.0 (500)

Released Tuesday, May 6, 2014

  • Initial Release
  • Theme Support
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